7 Red Flags When House Hunting

When buying a home, everyone wants to know that they’re making a good investment. Investing in a house will probably prove to be one of the biggest purchases you make. That being said, savings may be limited and buying a fully functioning house will be very important.

Here are 7 red flags to look out for when house hunting:

  1. Rotting Wood – Wood that’s exposed to moisture rots over time. Carefully inspect wood in the kitchen and bathroom. These places are especially vulnerable to moisture and should be protected with finishes or special paint. Also, check all the wooden features of the home to ensure there aren’t any signs of rotting.
  2. Improper Ventilation – If there’s not enough ventilation, moisture won’t be able to evaporate and will eventually cause problems. Ensure that the attic ventilated, otherwise, this can lead to damaged interior walls and structural elements.
  3. Inadequate Drainage – A home’s drain around the exterior of a home leads to water intrusion in basements, garages, and crawl spaces. This can compromise the foundation of a home and create mold problems.
  4. Pipes – Look out for dripping faucets, leaking fixtures and clogged drains. Have all these plumbing issues fixed before your purchase the home to save some money.
  5. Outdated Electrical Systems – Ungrounded outlets, faulty wiring and lack of ground-fault circuit interrupters are some of the electrical hazards to look out for.These hazards should be taken seriously and should be addressed as soon as possible.
  6. Water Problems – Water can be one of the most destructive forces and a very expensive problem to fix. Check for a well-maintained system to take water away from the home.
  7. Roofing – Check to see that the roof is sturdy and sound. Older roofs may have damaged shingles or improper flashing. Roof repairs can be very costly so to avoid unforeseen expenses be sure to inspect the roof thoroughly.

Now you can hit the ground running with these 7 red flags in mind to find the home just right for you.

Happy Hunting!

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