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4 Reasons To Live In Summerlin

There are many cities and towns in Nevada, but Summerlin is a bit different. Believe it or not, Summerlin is a “master-planned community” located in the Las Vegas Valley. It’s a community of over 100,000 people and is rapidly growing.

Summerlin is actually named after Jean Amelia Summerlin, who is the grandmother of the billionaire Howard Hughes. It’s a dense suburban community that offers some quiet from Las Vegas, while also remaining close enough for a commute or the weekends. Summerlin has also been featured in top publications like Money and National Geographic Adventure as one of the best places to live in America.

Parks And Trails

If you ask residents about their favorite features, many of them will point out that Summerlin is known for the Summerlin Trail System. One of the most incredible aspects of the trail system is that it connects various villages, making it a safe way for children to travel through the Summerlin community.

The trail spans about 150 miles, and it’s not even finished. When it is completed, the Summerlin Trail System will connect to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Nature lovers also appreciate the fact that Summerlin has almost 150 parks of different sizes!

A Bustling Downtown

A billionaire technically built Summerlin, so it shouldn’t surprise you to find out that there’s a LOT to do in downtown Summerlin. While some Nevada cities don’t have much to offer in terms of shopping, dining, or entertainment – Summerlin certainly does.

Some notable locations include the Downtown Summerlin Mall, the Red Rock Hotel and Casino, and the Las Vegas Ball Park. It’s also home to City National Arena, which boasts a practice facility for the Golden Knights.

Gorgeous Golf Courses

Some people might not be the biggest fan of golf. However, if you are someone that is always looking for an excuse to grab some golf clubs – you may be more interested in Summerlin than ever before. Summerlin is home to some incredible golf courses, some of which are even used for PGA tour events.

Believe it or not, there is even a golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus! Nicklaus is widely considered to be one of the greatest golfers of all time for those who don’t know. Whether it’s for work or leisure, if you love golf: Summerlin will keep you occupied and entertained.


Summerlin was designed to be a well-designed community that would consistently attract new residents. Since its inception, Summerlin was focused on eco-friendly development, and the community is one of the earliest adopters of “desert landscaping.”

The community offers lighting that minimizes glare, restrictions on outside signage, and architecture that helps keep the environment beautiful and clean. Another fun fact: Summerlin was the first community in the Valley to implement Water Smart conservation guidelines.

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