Living in Summerlin vs Henderson

Moving to Las Vegas but can’t decide between living in Summerlin vs Henderson?

It’s a tough call because (spoiler alert!) these two are great places to live. But to give you a better idea of what’s right for you, this guide will break down each aspect of living in these areas so you can decide the right fit for your needs and lifestyle.

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Living in Summerlin vs Henderson: Overview

The main difference between the two is that Henderson is an actual city whereas Summerlin is a master-planned community. This alone makes a significant difference!

Henderson is home to more than 300,000 people with its government, police force, schools, fire department, and other basic services.

On the other hand, Summerlin is a master-planned community within Las Vegas. Therefore, Summerlin is self-contained and is home to many new developments.

Check out some of Hendersons communties

Check out some of Summerlins Communities


In real estate, location is king. When it comes to Las Vegas real estate, there are noticeable pros and cons for choosing Henderson or Summerlin.

Henderson is located in the southeastern part of the valley while Summerlin is in the western part.

Henderson’s location puts it closer to the Strip and the airport. It is approximately 12 minutes away from major destinations in Las Vegas.

Summerlin is a bit tucked up so it will be a considerably longer drive to get to the airport and the Strip.

The location of Summerlin provides residents with access to gorgeous mountain views and outdoor trails. Adventure opportunities are right at your doorsteps such as hiking and mountain biking.

There are opportunities for outdoor activities in Henderson, too, with the trails along the McCullogh range and Black Mountain. There’s also Lake Mead, which is a popular leisure attraction for water-based activities.

Henderson’s location means it is warmer in the winter while Summerlin sometimes sees a dusting of snow (it doesn’t stick around for long though!) However, Henderson is also warmer during the summer.

Community and Lifestyle

Summerlin and Henderson are popular for a reason: they both have a great community feel. Henderson is older and many parts of Summerlin have that “brand new” feel to it.

Summerlin has a suburban and residential feel with houses built closer to each other. In the past few decades, there have been lots of construction activities but the area has maintained its exceptional property value, which makes it a good option for both homeowners and investors.

There are many shopping, dining, and lifestyle opportunities in Summerlin, especially in Downtown Summerlin.

Henderson is three times bigger than Summerlin in size. It is home to several master-planned communities, which lacks the cohesiveness that Summerlin offers. However, each neighborhood has a community vibe to it.

There is a small-town feel to Henderson, although it has several dining, shopping, and recreational options for families, singles, and retired couples.

New Construction

Where is there better new construction…Summerlin vs Henderson? If you’re looking to build a house, Summerlin is the best option. Since Henderson is older, it is nearly completely developed with only a few communities left for development.

The ideal communities in Henderson for those wanting to build a home are MacDonald Highlands, The Skyr, and Anthem Country Club.

Summerlin is relatively new so you can find a variety of areas for new builds at varying price ranges. Some of the best options for anyone looking to build a home in Summerlin are The Ridges, The Summit, and Red Rock Country Club.


Henderson has consistently ranked as one of the safest medium-sized cities in the US. It is highly recommended for anyone moving to Las Vegas and looking for a safe place to live. Since Henderson is a city, it has its police force and fire department, among other services. Summerlin is also a safe place to live and many of its communities are gated and guarded.

Take time to do your research on official safety and crime data for each of these areas. Everyone has their requirements so you can use the data to determine if these areas meet your standard of safety.

Sports & Recreation

Access to sports and recreation facilities largely reflects on the quality of life you enjoy. Residents of both Summerlin and Henderson have plenty of options for public parks, sports facilities, and fitness clubs and centers.

Since Summerlin is a newer community than Henderson, the park facilities in the former are more updated and in better condition. Henderson makes up for that by ensuring that there is a park for every 10-minute walking distance throughout the city.


For families moving to Las Vegas, the quality of the schools is an important point of comparison between Henderson and Summerlin. Both have great school systems and excellent public schools rating.

Henderson has a great selection of both public and private schools. These schools typically rank above the national average. You will find many excellent charter schools in the area, too.

Summerlin is home to nationally-recognized private schools, such as The Meadows School, along with many great public schools.

Which is Better – Summerlin or Henderson?

The answer to that question is up to you. The information you need to know about each area or community is provided so you can match it with what you’re looking for in your next home.

If you still can’t decide, it’s best to visit these areas so you can get a feel for the communities. Aside from these two, there are other great communities in the Las Vegas area.

Take time to learn about these other communities if neither Henderson nor Summerlin fit the profile of what you are looking for.

Check out some of Hendersons communties

Check out some of Summerlins Communities

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