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Sure, he has crazy golf skills and a cool English accent, but what makes Steve Thomas your choice for the best realtor in Las Vegas? His dedication to his clients and the ability to get a job done at the highest level. He has a passion for negotiating and has learned from the FBI’s Lead Hostage Negotiator on how to apply insane negotiating skills, when helping you buy or sell real estate. You may notice a theme running through his five-star reviews, ‘Steve Thomas is the real deal.’

From his informative YouTube videos to your most complicated real estate transactions, he believes in showing up for the task at hand. After relocating from England, with his wife and business partner, Kristen, Steve has established himself as one of the most creative and forward-thinking innovators in his field and has built a dream team of talented real estate professionals that can handle the heat. Because, well.. Nevada.

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There is no questioning Kristen’s dedication skills. As a former professional dancer, and Mom to a toddler, hard work and perseverance go hand and hand. So when she embarked on her real estate career 7 years ago with husband Steve, a few things were a given.. It’s not easy to knock her off her feet, (quite literally) and she would continue to go above and beyond to perform. The perfect combination of poise, grace, and guts, she continues to execute beautifully for her clients. Always willing to go the extra mile, especially for the out-of-town buyer that she once was.

An expert on Henderson and the Las Vegas suburbs, she’s the perfect guide to find the neighborhood that checks all your boxes. From stellar communication and a unique skill set to handle any kind of pressure with elegance, Kristen is a natural choice.

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Christina’s dedication and determination has been present since the age of 5, when she learned to polish her skills as a professional ballet dancer. A Philadelphia native, she made her way to Las Vegas through the Nevada Ballet Theatre. While Christina was dazzling her audiences, she was also paying close attention to her father, the architect. Armed at a young age with a tape measure and space planning abilities, houses are rooted in her DNA.

Her intuitive design skills and appreciation for quality construction, has made Christina The Thomas Group’s resident expert on high rises and new construction across the Las Vegas valley. Whether you are new to the area, or just looking for your next big adventure, Christina will choreograph all your real estate transactions with style and grace.

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You will be immediately drawn to Kathyn’s upbeat energy; you just can’t help it! This creative soul will take you on a journey to find your forever home and be your advocate from day one. From her artistic roots as a ballet dancer, to becoming a regular volunteer in her community, this caregiver and dog Momma will make your real estate dreams come true. Her passion is people, and her superpower is serving. Supportive and competitive, she’s your perfect ally at the closing table.

An expert on Southern Nevada, she’s known for her informative videos highlighting neighborhoods and amenities of the region. Find yourself out-of-town or unable to view a property? She’s the go-to virtual agent for property tours!

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Stefania Moore isn’t your average Realtor. Having lived in the vibrant city of Las Vegas for over 20 years, Stefania brings a dash of pizzazz to the real estate scene. With years of experience, she’s been the secret ingredient behind countless property success stories. Mixing her marketing and communications background, Stefania crafts property listings that are more captivating than a Vegas show, and her innovative marketing strategies always impress her clients. Her digital marketing prowess, including A/B testing and audience segmentation, has been like hitting the real estate jackpot.

But here’s where Stefania truly stands out – she’s the queen of large lots! Specializing in homes with ample space, she’s the go-to for anyone looking to spread out in the Las Vegas area. As a wife and mother deeply connected to the Las Vegas community, Stefania brings a unique and quirky perspective, adding a sprinkle of fun to the home buying and selling process. When she’s not closing deals, you can find her baking up a storm and enjoying quality time with her family.


Meet Brooke, hailing from the sunny shores of California, she migrated to Henderson with her two adorable dogs and her partner in tow. Escaping those notorious California taxes, she found her haven in Nevada. Interestingly, Brooke’s journey with our team began as a client herself, using our services to snag her dream home after stumbling upon us while YouTube-surfing Henderson’s local vibes.

With an unrivaled passion for Inspirada and Cadence, Brooke’s the go-to guru for all things community-related. Her infectious enthusiasm and sharp expertise make her the perfect teammate to have by your side when navigating the world of real estate! Being a huge dog lover, Brooke donates a percentage of her income each month, to helping local animals.


Step into the world of real estate with Luana Tuapou. With over a decade of real estate experience, Luana’s journey into the world of real estate followed a remarkable 15-year stint as a paralegal, where she gained an in-depth understanding of the probate process. This unique background has honed her into an unparalleled expert on probate sales, earning her the well-deserved title of our resident probate and retirement specialist.

Luana’s passion for guiding clients through the intricacies of probate and retirement transitions makes her a true gem in our team’s crown. With her wealth of knowledge and warm-hearted approach, Luana is the perfect ally for those seeking a seamless real estate experience, making dreams come true one home at a time. When she’s not kicking butt and closing deals, you can find Luana spending time with her kids and grandkids.

Riza Garcia

From making videos with her best friend and studying computer animation, to becoming a fulltime Editor for the Thomas Group, Riza’s creativity knows no bounds. She pursued her passion and studied film and editing, developing her skills and style that grace our videos today. A big believer in ‘doing what you love, and it’s not work,’ she has accomplished that goal. Behind the scenes, she’s wrangling two little ones with help from her husband. All the while, producing captivating content for the team.

When she’s not behind the camera or editing desk, you’ll most likely find her on the slopes. An avid snowboarder, she’s a blur to catch on video!