Best Coffee Shops in Las Vegas

When most people think of visiting Las Vegas, they think about shopping, dining, and gambling. What most visitors don’t know is that there is a growing coffee culture in Las Vegas. Whether you are after really good coffee with specialized brewing methods or you just want to enjoy your cup of joe in an interesting, themed ambiance, you’ll have plenty of options for the best coffee shops in Las Vegas.

Join us as we take you on a virtual tour of the best Las Vegas coffee shops to add to your list.

Pedal and Pour

Kicking off the list of top coffee shops in Las Vegas is Pedal and Pour. The name of the coffee shop should clue you in on what to expect – it is a coffee shop slash bike shop.

Pedal and Pour was founded by a group of friends who combined their passion for coffee and bikes to serve the local community. As long-term Las Vegas residents, the owners teamed up to deliver this unique experience of local coffee and cycling hub for anyone who shares the same passion as they do. In this coffee shop, bikers come to enjoy their handcrafted coffee while also having the opportunity to shop for bike gear and accessories. There is also a bike servicing center in the shop.

Whether you need a quick stop or fuel for your cycling adventure, Pedal and Pour is the best place to go in Las Vegas. The menu at Pedal and Pour includes signature lattes, black coffee, espresso, and summer drinks.

Pedal and Pour is located at 9742 W Maule Ave, Las Vegas. They are open from 7 AM to 6 PM Mondays to Saturdays, and 7 AM to 4 PM on Sundays.

Dragon’s Alley Coffee Co.

best coffee shops in las vegas

One of the best coffee shops Las Vegas has to offer is located within the Arts District of Downtown Las Vegas. This coffee shop is a self-dubbed “fast-casual” café with Asian inspiration and a nod to European cafes.

The funky wall art will immediately capture your attention. However, it’s their premium quality, Italian dark roast that will make you stay. On top of their classic drink options, their menu also includes boba milk teas and a lemon-flavored coffee that originates from Algeria.

This coffee shop has an outdoor patio that feels completely different from the rest of Las Vegas. Dragon’s Alley Coffee Co is located at 1031 S Main St, Las Vegas. It is open Wednesday to Sunday from 7 AM up to 11 PM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Madhouse Coffee

Madhouse Coffee is a 24-hour coffee shop in Las Vegas. You can come here for coffee before your 4 AM or early morning flight, or after a wild night at The Strip. This is one of the best coffee shops in Las Vegas because of its diverse and unique menu. They have featured drinks, sweet drinks, specialty coffee, a vegan menu, and a selection of pastries. Since they’re open all day, they also serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner items.

Madhouse Coffee is located at 8470 W Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas.


best coffee shops in las vegas

No list of popular coffee shops in Las Vegas is complete without Sambalatte. It is owned and operated by Brazilian Luiz Oliveira, which explains the heavy Brazilian inspiration in the cuisine and coffee at Sambalatte. His heritage inspired his love of food and coffee. He expanded on his knowledge by traveling to various coffee farms and participating in coffee symposiums before he built this business. s

Currently residing in Summerlin, Oliveira now has four branches of Sambalatte within Las Vegas, which gives tourists and locals easy access to their coffee. Their coffee products also reflect their commitment to sustainability, which is another reason to love Sambalatte.

The baristas create unique and signature frothy art for every cup of coffee. It’s a small gesture but one that goes a long way in making every guest feel special. A thoughtful menu is available with a selection of sweet and savory delights that you can enjoy with your cup of coffee.

Sambalatte has locations in Spring Valley, Boca Park, Molasky Center in Downtown Las Vegas, and The Smith Center.

Vesta Coffee Roasters

Vesta Coffee Roasters is another Las Vegas coffee shop in the Arts District. They also have another location in Summerlin. It has a minimalist and cozy ambiance, which invites you to stay a while.

The moment you step inside their door, you will be greeted by the aroma of fresh coffee beans roasting on-site. Their quality roasts are sourced from local and sustainable farms to ensure the best quality coffee and ethical standards.

Their impeccable attention to detail in roasting and brewing your coffee is also manifested in how they deliver customer service.

Founders Coffee

Founders Coffee is one of the latest addition to the Las Vegas coffee scene. This locally-owned and locally-focused coffee shop specialize in handcrafted beverages and food. The drinks menu honors the history of classic beverages, such as dark roast espresso, and medium and dark roast coffee. Be in awe of the rich array of flavors and aromas to choose from. Aside from their traditional coffee beverages, you can also find smoothies, lattes, and teas on their menu. An extensive food menu is also available for guests.

The interior of Founders Coffee is contemporary in design. There are a variety of seating options to suit any size of group – or if you come in solo. It’s the perfect ambiance for casual meetings, brunch dates, and for personal downtime.

Founders Coffee is located at 6410 S Durango Dr #100, Las Vegas. It is open daily from 6 AM to 6 PM.

Café Lola

best coffee shops in las vegas

Café Lola easily takes the title if you’re looking for cute coffee shops in Las Vegas. The aesthetic of this coffee shop is distinctive with the pretty flowers, the pastel color palette, and the grand chandeliers. It is a true Instagram-worthy café in Vegas if you’re looking for one.

Café Lola is open for private events, in case you need a venue for a birthday party with your gal pals or a bridal shower! Café Lola has numerous locations in Summerlin, Henderson, Allegiant Stadium, and one in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace soon. It is open daily from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Coffee Class

Founded in 2019, The Coffee Class is one of the top coffee shops Las Vegas has to offer! This coffee house combines excellent coffee with amazing food. Their exceptional service aims to transform your daily grind and make sure you are treated to the best ingredients every time you come into the café.

Wake up your senses to a single origin cup of coffee that is brewed at the right temperature before it is served on your table. If you like, you can opt for a cold and creamy chai latte. This Las Vegas-born specialty coffee house aims to set the bar high for coffee in Vegas.

The Coffee Class is located at 8878 S Eastern Ave Suite 102, Las Vegas. It is open daily from 6:30 AM to 4 PM (up to 5 PM on Saturdays and Sundays).

Gabi Coffee & Bakery

Gabi Coffee & Bakery is the perfect blend of East and West. This charming coffee house in Las Vegas aspires to be more than just a place where you go for aesthetically pleasing desserts and delicious coffee – although it’s hard to deny that you can experience all of these on your visit.

You’ll be in awe the moment you step inside its doors with the whimsical décor, the grandiose chandeliers, and the array of live plants. It’s hard to deny the visual identity of Gabi Coffee & Bakery. You can visit this place for a quick coffee run in the morning or to enjoy their delicious brunch treats (or afternoon snack).

Gabi Coffee & Bakery is located at 5808 Spring Mountain Rd #104, Las Vegas. It is open from 8 AM to 10 PM.

Bad Owl

Bad Owl is a must for Harry Potter fans looking for the best coffee shops in Las Vegas. It’s easy to see why because the theme is Harry Potter-inspired. There are even famous quotes from the film and book series on the tables. The coffee house does not just use Harry Potter as an inspiration for its décor, it’s on their menu, too. You can find unique selections such as butter beer latte, espresso flight of the hippogryph, and avada ricotta.

Bad Owl has three different locations in Las Vegas, so you can easily find the nearest one in your area.


best coffee shops in las vegas

The owner, Juanny, uses coffee as a vehicle to build communities and connect with people. That’s exactly what Mothership represents in the Las Vegas coffee culture.

Their coffee beans are locally and ethically sourced to ensure that every sip makes a difference! They are best known for their specialty coffees and artisan pastries. It’s hard to miss the aesthetic appearance of this Las Vegas coffee shop, too. The owner is committed to delivering an elevated coffee experience.

It was founded by Juanny Romero in 2012 and is now eyeing its fourth location in Summerlin. Mothership currently has three locations in Las Vegas. It is open daily from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Las Vegas also has a great selection of restaurants and bars that you have to check out. For more guides on things to do in and around Las Vegas, check out our blog.

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