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Should You Move To Macdonald Highlands?


There are many luxury neighborhoods in and around Las Vegas, but Macdonald Highlands is more exclusive than most. While it’s still only about a 15-minute drive from Las Vegas, its location in the Black Mountain foothills means that residents enjoy some pretty incredible views. Many have called Macdonald Highlands one of the best luxury communities in the United States.

Macdonald Highlands isn’t for everyone: it’s a series of luxury neighborhoods that are home to many affluent people. It is actually guard-gated from the rest of Henderson, and it boasts one of the highest per-capita income rates in the nation. Read on to discover whether Macdonald Highlands makes sense for you.

Privacy And Security

While homes in Macdonald Highlands might be more expensive, there’s peace of mind that comes with it. Specifically, Macdonald Highlands has a 24-hour manned guard at the entrance, along with more security. If you are looking for a neighborhood where you won’t be disturbed, it certainly doesn’t get better than this.

It should also be known that this privacy and security has attracted some of the Las Vegas elite. Macdonald HIghlands is often called the “Beverly Hills” of Las Vegas due to the fact that many celebrities have vacation homes here. Of course, you don’t have to be a celebrity to appreciate luxury real estate. If you are hoping to make high-level social connections, Macdonald Highlands is the kind of community to consider.

The DragonRidge Country Club

The founder and developer of Macdonald Highlands, Rich Macdonald, wanted to make sure that his country club stood out from the competition. The Dragon Ridge golf course is ranked one of the best in the nation, and is available only to members. Tiger Woods has even held many competitions on this course. The golf course is also known for incredible views of the Las Vegas strip.

There is also the DragonRidge Tennis and Athletic Center. It’s home to a state-of-the-art fitness center complete with pools, workout equipment, classes, and tennis courts. The residents that play here are no joke: the tennis team has actually won USTA titles! This might be interesting to those who take their sports a little more seriously. It’s also home to many restaurants, as well.

A Touch Of The Spiritual

There’s one very unique aspect of Macdonald Highlands that you cannot find in any other Henderson neighborhood. This would be the Sleeping Dragon rock formation that can be found, and feng shui experts believe that it brings wealth and prosperity to the entire region. The dragon’s “head” points directly at the Las Vegas strip.

There are actual custom lots that are currently being built on the Sleeping Dragon formation, as well.

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