Las Vegas Public Transportation

What is Las Vegas Public Transportation like?

Compared to other cities of its size, Las Vegas is a very “car heavy” city. Because Las Vegas is relatively new, we have great road infrastructure and very little traffic. While the majority of residents drive, Las Vegas does have numerous public transportation options.

To be honest, we didn’t know much about Las Vegas public transportation until Steve’s parents decided to buy a property here. His parents are from Liverpool, England and are used to England’s great public transportation system. The most important factor was how close their potential home is to the bus stop and how long it would take to get to the Strip. When they finally arrived in Las Vegas, they couldn’t wait to take the bus from their new condo to the Strip.

I wish we had recorded their reaction. They went on and on about how lovely the bus was, how clean it was, and how nice the driver was…especially as he announced all the “sights” along the way. (we later determined this was a recording, but I’m sure the driver was nice regardless.)

Their experience inspired us to do a little further research into Las Vegas public transportation. There are many people moving to Las Vegas who want or need public transportation. If you’re one of those people…read on!

The Las Vegas Bus System

The bus system in Las Vegas is run by the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC). Buses run up to every 15 minutes for certain routes. The bus system is affordable and clean.

Utilize the rideRTC app for bus routes, fares, and more on the go.

RTC Las Vegas busLas Vegas Bus Routes

The bus in Las Vegas generally runs North/South and East/West. North/South routes begin with a 1 and East/West routes begin with a 2. Bus routes run along major roads with Downtown Las Vegas and The Strip serving as the focal point.

You can plan your trip online or by using the RTC app or google maps app.

Click Here for an updated link to bus routes or Click Here to plan your trip online.

Las Vegas Bus Fares

Bus fares can be purchased as single-use, daily, weekly, and monthly. There are special fares available for senior citizens and the disabled. You can purchase your bus fare on board with cash or through the app.

Las Vegas Bus Fares

Click Here for updated fare information.

If You’re Relying on the Bus…

The bus system is best utilized traveling in a straight line. Transfers can be time-consuming. If you’re relying on the bus to get to your job on the Strip, for example, it would be easiest to live off a major East/West road such a Tropicana, Flamingo, Spring Mountain, or Sahara. These roads all have major bus lines that run up to every 15 minutes to and from the Strip.

Avoid the Southwest, Southern Highlands, and Mountains Edge as bus routes here are essentially nonexistent.

For more information on the Las Vegas Bus System including updated routes and maps  Click Here

Public Transportation on the Las Vegas Strip

Distance on the Las Vegas strip is deceptive. While one casino might only be 1 km from another, it could take you nearly 45 minutes to walk due to the layout of sidewalks and pedestrian bridges. There are a few options for public transportation on the Strip.

Las Vegas Strip Bus: The Deucelas vegas the deuce bus

The Deuce is a special bus that runs up and down the Las Vegas Strip. Named for its double-decker facade, this is a popular option for tourists who want to jump from hotel to hotel quickly.

You will see stops for the Deuce bus all along the Las Vegas Strip. For a route map, Click Here This bus operates 24 hours a day runs every 15 minutes from 7am until 2am and every 20 minutes during the night.

There is also an express bus that runs along the Strip and takes you more quickly downtown Las Vegas to Freemont Street (often called “Old Vegas” by tourists). The Express Bus is called SDX and shares some stops with the Deuce, so make sure you know which bus you’re getting on!

Fares can be used interchangeably and can be purchased as a 2 hour time pass, 24 hour pass, or a 3-day pass.

Las Vegas deuce bus fares

las vegas monorailThe Las Vegas Monorail

The Las Vegas Monorail runs along the east side of the Las Vegas Strip starting from its northernmost stop at The Sahara (formerly SLS) running all the way to the MGM. The Monorail is a little pricey, but it is fast and efficient. It is most often used during conventions such as CES or during times when roads are shut such as New Year’s Eve or the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon.

The Monorail runs from 7am to midnight or later depending on the day of the week. Tickets range from $5 for one ride to $56 for a week pass. Locals can take advantage of $1 one way rides.

Click Here for more information on the Las Vegas Monorail

The Best Way to Get Around Las Vegas

The best and most popular way to get around Las Vegas if you’re not driving yourself is by Uber or Lyft. These rideshare programs have revolutionized transportation in Las Vegas for locals and tourists alike.

I have had coworkers in the past who didn’t have a car for one reason or another and used rideshare as their primary means of transportation. You can get a ride from the Las Vegas Strip all the way to the suburb of Green Valley Henderson for $20.

Uber and Lyft are the perfect options for your ride to the airport, to take you to one of our incredible concerts, or to take you to that pool-side barbecue your friend is throwing across town.

Moving to Las Vegas?

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