Las Vegas Stores with Special Hours for Seniors and Vulnerable Groups

This Novel Coronavirus Has Affected Everyone in Las Vegas

We’re practicing social distancing, many of us have been laid off of work, and all of us are experiencing shortages at local grocery stores. Most of us can get by with what we have, but Seniors and other vulnerable groups aren’t able to stand in long lines (and shouldn’t be exposing themselves to crowded places.)

Many Local Grocery Stores Have Stepped up to Help

Local grocery and big box stores are offering special hours for seniors and other vulnerable groups. We’ll keep this list up to date. Please share with anyone in need, and remember let’s take care of each other during these difficult times.

Las Vegas Stores with Senior Hours for Coronavirus


Every Tuesday 6-7 am


Every Wednesday 8-9 am


Every day, 7-8 am priority access for seniors, disabled, and pregnant


Tuesday & Thursday 7-9 am (call your local store to verify hours as they may differ)


Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7-8 am


Tuesdays 8-9 am, This hour is also available to their caregivers and immediate families may also visit the store during this time. Walgreens will also allow ANYONE to purchase essentials at drive-through window.

Whole Foods

Daily 7-8 am

La Bonita

Every day, 6-9 am allowing no more than 50 customers in the store at a time


Tuesday & Thursday, 8-9 am

Big Lots

9-10 am for seniors and vulnerable citizens




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