Living in Logandale NV: Community Tour

Are you moving to Las Vegas? If you are and looking for a large lot paradise, Logandale is for you! It is a small town known for its big-time charm.

Where is Logandale Located?

Logandale NV

Logandale is located in Clark County, Nevada, about an hour away from Las Vegas. It is a town that is part of Moapa Valley.

It sits at the north end of Moapa Valley and is accessible via exit 93 on I-15 and south via Highway 169.

History of Logandale NV

The town of Logandale was established in 1865 on the west side of the Muddy River and it was then known as St. Joseph. Later in 1868, it was renamed to New St. Joseph by the people who were driven out from the east side of the Muddy River. A post office was established in 1867.

This town was abandoned in 1871, along with the town’s post office. However, it was revived in 1876 when the Mormons returned to Overton. By 1883, the new post office was established there.

In 1912, the town experienced a new revival and it was named Logan. The town was built around a railroad station. The town was renamed to its current name Logandale to avoid confusion with the town of Logan in Utah.

What is Logandale NV Known For?

Clark County Fair and Rodeo

Logandale in Moapa Valley, Nevada is best known as the home of the Clark County Fair and Rodeo. This is an annual fair and rodeo that started in Moapa Valley in 1965. Its history in Logandale started in 1988

The fair started small until the carnival midway, the livestock show and the rodeo were incorporated into the annual event. In its current location, the annual fair and rodeo is set on 190-acre land. The name of the event was adopted in 1986 as “Clark County Fair.” As it kept growing, it was named “Clark County Fair and Rodeo” in 1997.

The annual fair and rodeo attracts 80,000 guests and is held from early to mid-April. It brings together thousands of residents in Logandale and Moapa Valley, along with other parts of Las Vegas and Clark County.

Homes in Logandale NV

Logandale Homes

The Logandale homes are known for their large lots, making it a notable destination for home buyers seeking homes with large spaces. On average, homes here sit on half-acre lots. These homes have their own septic and well.

Logandale is a sleepy town with approximately 4,000 residents.

If you are planning to buy a home in Logandale, good news! These properties qualify for a USDA loan. This loan program was created to help in the development of agricultural communities. When you purchase a Logandale property with a USDA loan, you can do so without a downpayment.

In addition, the buyer competition in Logandale is relatively low compared to other towns or communities in Las Vegas or Henderson. And lower competition equates to lower prices, as sellers are willing to negotiate as there aren’t many offers on these properties. The Logandale homes have an average price range of $400,000-$500,000, and they have half-acre lots.

Do you think Logandale could be your new home? If you have any questions about buying a home with large lots in Logandale or other parts of Las Vegas, feel free to reach out and schedule a free consultation with our large lot expert!

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