Midtown Condominiums – New Luxury Mid-Rise Coming to the Las Vegas Arts District

Discover a new way of living in Las Vegas! The Midtown Condominiums will serve as the new urban core for downtown Las Vegas, providing a new luxury mid-rise residential condo at the heart of the Las Vegas Arts District.

What is Midtown Las Vegas?

Midtown Las Vegas is a residential, urban project that is part of a large-scale development with a mixed-use purpose. This new luxury, mid-rise property is set to bring 3,000 residential units to the Las Vegas real estate market. It is part of the ongoing movement to address the demand for residential units in the downtown area, particularly in the Arts District.

Midtown Las Vegas

While the Las Vegas Arts District is a popular tourist destination with amenities and events, it lacks a residential component. This upper-class residential project makes owning a property affordable and accessible for Las Vegas residents, especially those who want to live close to where they work and play.

The concept behind the Midtown Las Vegas condominiums project is to deliver the best city living to Las Vegas. Therefore, everything you need is only 15 minutes away, whether you need to grab a coffee, buy groceries, or go to work. Residents thrive within the same community, creating a fusion of lifestyles that cater to modern individuals.

Types of Properties in Midtown Vegas

As mentioned, Midtown Vegas is a mixed-use community where residents can live, work, and play. Therefore, it will consist of several properties to facilitate those needs and to ensure that residents can enjoy the lifestyle they aspire in Las Vegas.

The Midtown Plaza is the core amenity in this development. It will be the central amenity program wherein you will find residential, hospitality, retail, and corporate spaces located nearby. The Midtown Plaza is part of the first phase that will be rolled out in 2024, which includes food & beverage spaces like restaurants, coffee shops, bars, a pool, a gym and fitness center, and office spaces.

The buildings at Midtown Las Vegas will feature the same architectural concept as The English Hotel: a clean design with large windows to maximize natural lighting. The entire architectural design features a timeless appeal and will boast plenty of landscaping to complement the space.

Midtown Las Vegas

The condominium building is an 8-story glass building. There will be three layout options: a studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom condos. The floor plans will range from 360 to 1,000 sq ft with an estimated cost of $799 per sq ft. HOA fees will also be roughly $0.20 per sq ft. Top floor units will be available as penthouse suites with high ceilings and more cost per sq ft.

One of the unique amenity programs available for future residents of Midtown Condominiums is the shared Tesla program. If you are a resident of Midtown, you will have access to a shared Tesla unit. It will ease the burden of car ownership for the residents while ensuring you can access a car when needed. As a result, you won’t have to worry about covering the maintenance costs of a car but enjoy the perks of owning one. Currently, the shared Tesla program plan is for five households to share one unit.

Target Residents and Tenants

Who are the target residents and tenants at Midtown Las Vegas?

This development is an excellent community for the new middle-class fresh graduates looking to launch their careers in Las Vegas. The community targets young professionals who want the independence of having their own place to live but are not ready to commit to home ownership, especially the financial burden of buying and owning a single-family home.

In addition, it is the perfect investment for anyone who wants to build their equity. Meanwhile, it is also the ideal choice for those who want to live close to where they work without the hassle of commuting to and from work. The community is meant for those who thrive in an urban lifestyle.
When Will Midtown Vegas Be Completed?

Are you ready to experience the new mixed-use development in Las Vegas? Hold your excitement because the project will be completed in 2025. However, they will be rolling out the development in several phases, with phase 1 being the Midtown Plaza. The first phase of this project will be rolled out sometime in 2024.

However, they accept condo reservations for those interested in living in Midtown Condominiums. They are accepting tours and reservations as of November 2023.

If you want to learn more about the Midtown project in Las Vegas, don’t hesitate to contact us. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about this project and if it’s the right fit for you. 

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