The Scotch 80s Community Tour

The Scotch 80s Community Tour – Vintage Luxury in Las Vegas


Vintage Luxury Planned Community in Las Vegas

Scotch 80s is the first planned community in the Las Vegas area, dating back to the 1950s. This 120-acre community is often called the “Residential Crown Jewel,” and offers classic, historic Las Vegas luxury.

Scotch 80s is the perfect community for those less interested in the modern development model of shopping, amenities, and fitness centers, all within the community gates. Rather, Scotch 80s features mature trees, large lots, and ornate, vintage architecture. There is more focus here on preserving history than on convenience or the newest clubhouse. If you prefer leaving home to explore city life and returning to streets of a bygone era, this is the community for you.

Mid Century Neighborhood in the Scotch 80s

Homes in the Scotch 80s often feature mid-century modern ranch styles with clean lines. Most residences sit on a half-acre or larger lot and include a private pool and tennis court. Because these homes are older, many have been renovated and feature upgraded kitchens and bathrooms. Even during renovation, residents work to maintain the historical look of the Scotch 80s homes.

Although Scotch 80s homes are pricier than many Las Vegas communities, they’re often less expensive than more recently developed luxury neighborhoods such as Summerlin. There are no HOA fees and Scotch 80s home sales prices range from $800,000 to about $2 million with a median sales price of $1,085,000.

Scotch 80s residents are keen to preserve the history and spirit of this community. They often oppose commercialization and resist nearby developments, especially those without adequate planned sound barriers.

This focus on beautifully landscaped historic homes doesn’t mean residents live in isolated enclaves. In fact, this is a neighborhood known for housing the famous and wealthy, but without the airs of aristocracy. Neighbors are often friends and enjoy walking along the tree-lined streets or stopping for conversation.

Modern Amenities and Superb Location

This community has a bright future as it combines old-school living with nearby modern amenities and a superb location. Scotch 80s is only 10 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and downtown area. The community is also just 12 miles from McCarran International Airport and 3.5 miles from the Las Vegas Golf Club.

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