The UnCommons – Southwest Las Vegas’ New Live-Work-Play Community

The Uncommons is redefining the way the people live in Las Vegas. Therefore, this new live-work-play community will become the new hub for work, shopping, dining, and entertainment. So, come check it out with us and find out what to expect once it fully opens!


Introduction to The Uncommons


According to The Uncommons website, this mixed-use community is walkable, livable, and accessible. This development will set the tone for the future of the Las Vegas lifestyle.

This soon-to-rise community will become the new “it” spot in Las Vegas. It is located in Southwest Las Vegas, at Durango & 215. It sits right across the new Durango Casino that is slated to open its doors to the public in November 2023.

So, what can you expect once The UnCommons officially open? There’s everything here, making it an all-in-one stop for your lifestyle needs.

First, there will be modern office spaces, and Draft Kings and Deloitte have already secured a spot, so be sure to join them in this elite community. There is also apartment living that is available for those who want to live close to work, shopping, and dining.

And speaking of the dining scene, you will have lots to enjoy, whether you’re looking for casual eats or you want to sample Michelin-starred food. You’ve got so many options that you can eat here every day, and you will have something new to try for a week. The Sundry foodie hall just recently opened and it is a foodie haven!

There are also a bunch of lifestyle facilities and events lined up once The UnCommons are completely unveiled. That’s really exciting for the folks living and working in Las Vegas!

Modern Offices

modern offices at the uncommons

The old school office is out. And The UnCommons is providing a new, modern way to work!

The dynamic and modern office spaces are aligned with the vibrant live-work-play community of which these offices are a part. It is equipped with modern facilities that businesses need to get work done, and a range of amenities that would attract top talent to your company. It’s a win-win!

Aside from its wide range of workplace amenities, the office spaces are designed to promote social connections. You wouldn’t miss working from home with this kind of vibrant setup.

Apartment Living

apartment living at the uncommons

Since it is a live-work-play community, apartment living is a huge component of what makes the UnCommons community a thriving space.

Now, you can reimagine your routine as you can live right where you work. Vestra at UnCommons provides modern living solutions with spaces that make you look forward to coming home. Each apartment is cleverly designed with the unique needs of modern Las Vegas folks, which is a testament to its commitment to becoming the future of live-work in Las Vegas.

Dining Scene

dining at The UnCommons

Perhaps among the most anticipated elements of The UnCommons is its hot foodie scene. There are several culinary experiences available to capture your taste for good food.

The Sundry is at the heart of it all. It is a concept started by celebrity chef Michael Mina, which is an upscale food hall. It serves as a hub for world-class culinary experiences that include Michelin-starred restaurants to local chefs. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it at The Sundry.

Aside from The Sundry food hall, you will also find various dining options and restaurants, such as Amari, BS Taqueria, Bar Oysterette, Barzotto, Dhaba Ji, Diane’s Bloody Mary Bar, Easy Slider, Urth Café, to name a few. There are a few more that are set to open in 2024, so stay tuned for those.

Lifestyle & Events

farmer's market at uncommons

On top of those we’ve already mentioned, there are other exciting lifestyle destinations and activities that you can look forward to at The UnCommons. There are retail spaces available and set to open late this year or early 2024. They also have events held to celebrate major holiday events, so it’s the perfect spot to come if you want to celebrate.

Other exciting lifestyle attractions that you can expect to find here are yoga classes, a fitness center, a luxury cinema, and a farmer’s market. Thus, we weren’t kidding when we said this is going to be the new “it” spot in Las Vegas!

You can visit the official UnCommons website to learn the latest updates and events at this mixed-use community. Or you can keep your eyes peeled on our YouTube channel as we might do a follow-up video once everything is open here!

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