Black Mountain: A Lesser-Known Neighborhood in Henderson, Nevada

Have you heard of Black Mountain in Henderson, Nevada? This secret gem is one of the lesser-known neighborhoods in the area, but it is prized for its Las Vegas Strip views and proximity to the McCullough Range which opens up numerous housing, lifestyle, and recreational opportunities for its residents.

Black Mountain Location

Black Mountain is a neighborhood in Henderson, NV, that is located in the state’s southeast portion. Despite its location, it is still within proximity to the major attractions in Las Vegas and is close to most establishments.

The neighborhood runs parallel to the Las Vegas Strip; therefore, it has become known for its coveted Strip views. In fact, there are many housing communities in Black Mountain with coveted Strip views, especially Lennar’s Black Mountain Ranch.

The Black Mountain is also among the most prominent parts of the McCullough Range. This scenic neighborhood sits at the base of the range, giving easy access to numerous recreational opportunities in this mountainous landscape.

Black Mountain: The Lesser-Known Neighborhood in Henderson, Nevada

Black Mountain Homes

The appeal of being close to outdoor recreation has attracted many home buyers and investors to the area. In recent years, the Black Mountain area has experienced a surge of residents moving here who want the lifestyle that this neighborhood offers.

There are various housing options available in the Black Mountain neighborhood in Henderson: condos, townhomes, and single-family homes.

There is a condo development in Black Mountain known as the 520 Arrowhead Trail. While not gated, it is an affordable choice for anyone looking for a condo in the Black Mountain area. The starting price for condos is $180,000 for a one-bedroom and one-bathroom condo unit.

Meanwhile, if you’re considering a townhome in Black Mountain, you can also find plenty of options. The townhouse units in this area have a starting price of $230,000. Beazer Homes is also building new townhome communities in Black Mountain, and those have a starting price of $340,000. The prices range according to square footage and layout configurations.

And single-family homes are also abundant in the Black Mountain area. There are numerous communities within Black Mountain offering single-family residences starting at $275,000.

Black Mountain: The Lesser-Known Neighborhood in Henderson, Nevada

The Black Mountain Ranch by Lennar is an example of a community offering new build homes. It is a former golf course converted into a residential community with options for townhomes and single-family units. The townhomes by Lennar start at $390,000 while the single-family residences start at $469,000.

Many Black Mountain residential communities have no HOA fees. Therefore, they are an excellent investment for those looking to rent out their properties!

Black Mountain Lifestyle & Recreation

What is it like to live in Black Mountain, Henderson, NV?

Before buying a home, it’s crucial to learn about the lifestyle and recreational opportunities within your access. In Black Mountain, you are spoiled for options!

First, you’ll find numerous hiking trails in this area, each one offering varying levels of difficulty. Different views also await you on each trail, providing you with the best vantage point to savor the stunning desert landscapes that you live in.

The nearest trail to the Black Mountain neighborhood is the McCullough Hills Trailhead. It serves as the best starting point for numerous recreational activities, such as hiking, cycling, and equestrian trails. This trailhead also has basic facilities, like toilets and picnic tables. The trail is 16 miles long out and back, and it’s a challenging route.

Another must-see attraction in Black Mountain is the Hidden Falls Park & Amaragosa Trailhead. It is a 3.2-mile loop known for its medium-difficulty trail. Other recreational attractions on this trail include dog parks, skate parks, a splash pad, and BBQ facilities.

The O’Callaghan Park is another top attraction for recreational opportunities in Henderson, NV. It is a 20.56-acre park with a sprawling trail system and lots of open spaces for various activities. It does have a dog park, which is an excellent spot to bring your pets for a walk. There are also ball fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, walking trails, playgrounds, open grass areas, picnic areas, and more.

Black Mountain: The Lesser-Known Neighborhood in Henderson, Nevada

There is also the Black Mountain Recreation Center. This recreation center is home to an aquatic complex, a game room, a fitness center, and an indoor cycling facility. There are various activities available for people of all ages.

And finally, the Shan-Gri-La Prehistoric Park is a family-friendly attraction in Black Mountain, Henderson, NV. It is a former home that is converted into a dino-themed attraction. There are currently 62 dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures within this attraction. The owner is a retired teacher who wanted to build this exhibit to facilitate learning outside the classroom. This attraction is open to the public and is open until 10 PM daily.

Aside from outdoor recreation, residents of Black Mountain can also access shopping destinations. There are two plazas within this neighborhood offering plenty of options to satisfy your desire for some retail therapy. There is also a movie theater, and various dining destinations including Chianti, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Juan’s Flaming Fajitas.

For families moving into Black Mountain, this neighborhood has an excellent school system. You will find plenty of good schools at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels.

Are you interested to learn more about the Black Mountain neighborhood in Henderson, NV? You may schedule a free consultation with us and we’d be happy to show you around the community to help you find the best fit for your family or needs!

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