Inspirada vs. Cadence: Top Henderson Masterplanned Communities

Are you looking for a new construction home in a masterplanned community in Henderson, Nevada? Make sure to consider these two: Inspirada and Cadence. These two top Henderson masterplanned communities offer various home sizes and prices that suits almost every buyer. We’ve created this guide to help you decide which community is right for your needs!

Inspirada vs Cadence: Which Of These Henderson Masterplanned Communities is Right For You?

If you cannot decide what is the right masterplanned community to call home in Henderson, Nevada, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of living in Inspirada vs Cadence to help you consider what’s right for your lifestyle.

Inspirada vs Cadence: Henderson Masterplanned Communities


Location is one of the primary considerations when looking around various Henderson masterplanned communities. Location is pivotal in your next home search because it determines your home’s accessibility to your work, school, and lifestyle destinations.

Inspirada is a masterplanned community located in the southwest area of Henderson, which is also a rapidly growing area. Its accessibility to I-15 makes it an excellent community to live in for those with families in California because it makes driving there easy. From the map, you will find Inspirada at the southernmost point of Henderson, NV. It is 20 minutes from the airport and 30 mimutes from The Strip. Its convenient location also means it is closely located near dining and shopping.

Cadence is a masterplanned community within the Older Henderson. You will find it on the eastern portion of Henderson, which means it is close to Lake Mead and Lake Las Vegas. It’s a great community if you enjoy water-based recreational activities.

Inspirada vs Cadence: Henderson Masterplanned Communities



Price is another crucial factor in deciding between the two Henderson masterplanned communities of Inspirada vs Cadence. But when discussing price as a factor in choosing a home to buy in Henderson, you’ll want to consider other things. You must consider the home price, HOA fees, and SIDs and LIDs.

SIDs and LIDs are fees that you must pay for local and community improvements, such as street lighting, sidewalks, water hydrants, plumbing, etc. These fees are passed onto the community developer, and then the home buyers. These fees must be paid off in a predetermined number of years, which means it is a fee attached to the property and the community. Since the fee is attached to the property, it means that you stop paying them when you sell your home and the new homeowners must pay those fees instead.

Inspirada homes are more expensive than those in Cadence, with prices ranging from $390,000 to $1.3 million. The HOA fees of $85/month plus LIDs are also priced higher in Inspirada than in Cadence. However, homeowners get to enjoy modern amenities within the community.

On the other hand, Cadence home prices range from $320,000 to $775,000. Most homes don’t have SIDs and LIDs, but they do have HOA fees of $45-$50 monthly. As such, you cannot expect the same amount of amenities as you get to enjoy living in Inspirada.

Inspirada vs Cadence: Henderson Masterplanned Communities


3. Amenities

Speaking of amenities, it’s another crucial consideration when comparing the top Henderson masterplanned communities of Inspirada and Cadence.

Inspirada is a masterplanned community spanning 85,000 acres of land. This community includes lots of parks, trails, and open spaces. Inspirada boasts modern amenities, such as heated pools, multi-use sports fields, dog parks, and more! These amenities require a higher HOA fee since they will pay more to maintain them.

Meanwhile, Cadence has its fair share of amenities, with the primary one being the 50-acre Central Park. It is open to Cadence residents for walking, biking, swimming, etc. There are playgrounds and ponds within the park. In addition, Cadence has splash pads, courts, and fitness stations. While the amenities are fewer in comparison to Inspirada, there are more than enough for residents to enjoy.

Inspirada vs Cadence: Henderson Masterplanned Communities

4. Shops and Dining

The convenient location of Inspirada gives residents access to shopping centers like The District. They can enjoy top retail and dining destinations. Whether you want to grab a cup of coffee, buy groceries, or go shopping, you don’t need to drive far. The up-and-coming Inspirada Station Casino will provide residents with more amenities to enjoy, especially gaming and bowling. There is also a movie theater!

Cadence is located near downtown Henderson’s Water Street District. This gives residents access to small shops and restaurants, which gives it a warm, local feel. However, your options are going to be limited when it comes to shopping and dining compared to Inspirada. Therefore, you’re likely to travel a bit far if you want to engage in dining and shopping. But the area is growing and new big name shops, grocery stores, and restaurants are set to open, which is also good news for Cadence home owners as it will mean appreciation for their homes.

Inspirada vs Cadence: Henderson Masterplanned Communities

5. Schools

Based on data from greatschools.org, Inspirada is zoned for higher rated public schools, such as the Robert and Sandy Ellis Elementary School and Liberty High School. In addition, Inspirada has set aside a portion of its masterplanned community to build new middle and high schools in the future. It’s something to consider for anyone planning to buy a home in Inspirada.

Cadence is also home to many public schools, as C.T. Sewell Elementary School, B Mahlon Brown Jr High, and Basic Academy of International Studies. While these schools are lower rated than those in Inspirada, there are many charter schools to consider that are accessible to both Henderson masterplanned communities such as Coral Academy and Pinecrest. Thus, you have options for great schools no matter what you are looking for.

Hopefully, this guide has shed light on two of the top Henderson masterplanned communities: Inspirada and Cadence. If you need help finding the right community for your family, feel free to schedule a free consultation with us. You can also discover other Henderson communities if neither of these fit your needs. We’d love to discuss your needs and find the right community that makes you feel “home.” 

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